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Take It or Leave It - Cage the Elephant

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cheerleader // st. vincent

i’ve had good times
with some bad guys
i’ve told whole lies
with a half smile

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this is hands down my favorite song, and this version breaks my heart so much more.

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I summon you - Spoon

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26/100 Days of Music

Romulus | Sufjan Stevens

"We saw her once last fall
Our grandpa died in a hospital gown
She didn’t seem to care
She smoked in her room and colored her hair”

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Say what you’re thinking. I’m watching thoughts dance around in your head. You’ll let me down easy, or beg for my empathy. Your lips are moving; your mouth is so close to mine, I almost can taste your spit, pilsner brew and cigarettes. If it keeps up, we’ll run out of time.

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